Linden Lab Social Policy 2006

We could never write a set of rules that would work for all people all the time, nor could we enforce them across a population that is growing so rapidly. Instead, we believe that the best way to foster communication and expression is to put power into the hands of the people by giving you better tools for local control. And that’s what we’ve been doing for several months now…

[W]e cannot play the role of arbitrating personal grievances or defining behavioral standards. This is particularly important as Linden Lab becomes more international. We don’t want to force a California-centric set of rules on the virtual world. Rather, we want to facilitate Residents banding together and creating their own civic centers around their unique ideals and ambitions.

Linden Lab will continue to police the world for problems that threaten the stability of our technical, economic and social structures. But when it comes to deciding what behavior should be allowed in a particular place or social group, those rules and their enforcement will be decided by the people involved—those who understand the context of the situation and have a stake in its outcome. Linden Lab is carefully planning the move to this federated model, and during the transition we’ll continue to enforce the Community Standards. Note that after the transition, all of Second Life will still be required to abide by the Terms of Service, even though local community standards may vary. pointing to: (11 December 2006, now unavailable, but I remember reading it at the time of publication)

Secondary sources:

  • Gigs Taggart blog
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