Linden Lab Gambling Policy 2007

We have recently received an increasing number of questions about simulated casinos in Second Life. Despite reports to the contrary, we know of no law enforcement agency that has opened an investigation into gambling in Second Life.

It has been a basic tenet of Second Life that all Residents are legally responsible for their own activities and for complying with the laws of the local jurisdiction in which they reside. However, given the ambiguities of the issues, Linden Lab has decided that we will not accept any classified ads, place listings, or event listings that appear to relate to simulated casino activity.

Advertising policy changes 2007-04-06

While Linden Lab does not offer an online gambling service, Linden Lab and Second Life Residents must comply with state and federal laws applicable to regulated online gambling, even when both operators and players of the games reside outside of the US. And, because there are a variety of conflicting gambling regulations around the world we have chosen to restrict gambling in Second Life…

Wagering in second life new policy 2007-07-26

As we said initially, we can’t post a list of acceptable or unacceptable games, as it’s impossible to create an accurate and comprehensive list. If you aren’t sure, ask yourself if your game meets the criteria in the policy: Linden dollars are paid in, the outcome is random, Linden dollars or something else of value is paid out. Ultimately you’ll need to decide if you’re comfortable that your game or activity is legal within the policy…

Our policy is not designed to provide you with legal advice regarding the legality of specific gambling activities in your jurisdiction. It is not a substitute for legal advice, either. Rather, in order to ensure that Residents comply with generally applicable laws, which do not permit wagering on games of chance or sports betting, and also in order to comply with the rules of credit card associations, Second Life’s policy is to prohibit in-world gambling activities…

Anti-gambling policy update faq 2007-08-10

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