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A Proposed Land Tier Fee Schedule

For eight months, the Second Life economy has been stagnant. After a series of failed initiatives, Linden Lab fired its CEO, closed its international offices and shed 30% of its staff. Needless to say, such a dramatic reduction in expenses … Continue reading

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A History of Private Island Pricing

In September 2006, initial setup fee for an Estate sim (also called a Full Region or Island sim, 15000 prims) was US$1250; monthly tier fee was US$195. Initial setup fee for a pack of four Openspace sims (1875 prims each) … Continue reading

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Goodbye SL General Discussion Forum

It is with some sadness that I retreat from the Second Life General Discussion Forum. Unfortunately, because of Linden Lab’s secretive and erratic moderation process and its seeming indifference to AR griefing, the forum has become too unstable for general … Continue reading

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